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Actionable Feedback



This tool helps teams collect feedback when pitching their concept solution to project stakeholders. It is important to listen intently and capture as much feedback as possible.


The 4Ls is a method that is useful to help a team improve continuously.

After you have taken feedback notes, categorize them using the 4 Ls and then it will be easier to turn them into actionable tasks. (The 4Ls is a method Initially developed by Mary Gorman and Ellen Gottesdiener).

During feedback you will mostly hear things like:

“Here is a new piece of information that says...”

“I really loved…”

You might also hear things like:

“if only there was…”

“I wish there was…”.




1. Assign a team member to take feedback notes while you are pitching. 



2. Try to categorise the feedback using the 4Ls:


- Liked – What did your audience like about the presentation? Or a particular aspect/part of it?


- Learned – What new information did you learn from the feedback provided? Is there anything that could be utilised to your advantage?


- Lacked – What seemed to be missing from the presentation? Was there something unclear that needs further development or researches?


- Longed for – What there something completely new that your audience wishes to see in the presentation, and would make it more impactful?. 

The 4Ls is a method Initially developed by Mary Gorman and Ellen Gottesdiener. 

3. After the pitch, turn the feedback into action points, signaling what needs to change, which steps should be followed and who will be responsible for that change.


- Pens

- Canvas template


30 minutes

- Pens
- Canvas template

The 4Ls method
Feedback Collection

CREDITS: Created by Gabriela Baron and Baptiste Natali (2020) using the 4Ls method developed by Mary Gorman and Ellen Gottesdiener.

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