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Mindfulness Opening Exercise



This meditation has been designed to facilitate a connection between participants to each other and to the natural environment. It promotes an expansive vision of what each person wants to create and nurture for the world. 

By experiencing this connection, we can feel how we share the same essence with other human beings, other non-human beings and every element of this planet and universe. By focusing on the things in common, not on the differences, we reach the deeper layers of our natural living systems.

When experimenting with the essential level, we feel connected, we feel whole, we feel one.

1. Ask participants to form a circle and sit on the ground. Ideally, this should be done in a natural space where participants are in direct contact with the earth. If this is not possible, no problem! any artificial flooring is also good.


If participants have mobility challenges, you can use a circle of chairs or any other variation.


2. Set the ground rules before the exercise:

- This is a judgment-free zone

- Please silence your cellphones

- No taking pictures during the exercise


3. Ask participants to sit comfortably, hold hands* and close their eyes. (*Covid-19 considerations: remind participants that this is optional and that you have hand sanitizer available for after the exercise).


4. Guide the exercise by reading from the meditation sheet. Do not rush through the text, read slowly and calmly, breathing in and out when necessary.


5. Thank everyone involved. 


- Pens

- Canvas template


40 minutes

- Open space
- Canvas template
- Optional: chairs, cushions

Mindful opening 2
Mindful opening

CREDITS: This exercise is based on "The Heart Meditation" by Lauren Elisabeth Walsh, Global Sisterhood 2018. Adapted by Gabriela Baron 2020. 

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