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I am a Design Strategist focused on Conservation, Sustainability and Social Innovation with 15+ years of experience which have turned me into a passionate, versatile and strategic problem-solver. 


Throughout my career, I have worked in different creative fields always focused on people and the environment. I’ve had the great fortune to work and study in different countries and continents, learning while doing and finding inspiration in diversity. I believe in co-creation and collaboration for resilient innovation.

I have studied Industrial Design in Argentina, got a specializing Master from Politécnico di Milano and a PhD in Environmental Engineering.


I am a mother of two beautiful girls and a DiveMaster.

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Urban Resilience and Climate Change

University of Auckland, NZ

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Indigeneity Advisor, Māori

Community Leader TSI, NZ

Martin Bruekner

Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability

Murdoch University, Australia

Carla Amaral

Service Design Specialist 

RMIT University


Research Assitant - Communications

University of Auckland, NZ

Jenny Hillman

Marine Conservation Researcher

University of Auckland, NZ

Elisabeth Vaneveld

Creative Strategist, Community Activator 

University of Auckland, NZ


Postgraduate Research Collaborator

University of Auckland, NZ

University of Auckland

Design - Creative Arts and Industries

Building 421W, Level 5, Room 508

22 Symonds Street, Auckland 1010,

New Zealand

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