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Service Delivery Blueprint



This Service Delivery Canvas will help your team to prototype and refine different aspects of your project, based on the interactions between people and your offer. We recommend that you fill out this Canvas after you have validated your idea with the appropriate stakeholders.


1. Which Sustainable Development Goal are you supporting with this project (It may be more than one)? Circle it/them.

2. Choose your main human persona, give it a name and write down its main descriptors in the spaces provided.


If you have enough/time/resources, you can run this activity for all your human and non-human personas.

3. Start by filling out the people line following a time sequence (Before, During and After use).

4. Fill out the front stage lines, define staff activities and touchpoints, be specific.

5. Fill out the backstage lines, define support activities and support elements, be brief but specific.

6. Decide what you need to develop in order to support the delivery of your project, be brief but specific.

7. Think about the user’s experience for each activity, how do they feel? You can use emojis placing them on the good, neutral or bad experience moments.


Finally, understand if you are addressing your conservation challenge goals correctly, iterate as needed.


- Pens

- Canvas template


120 minutes

- Pens, sticky notes
- Canvas template - A2 or A1

Service Delivery Blueprint

CREDITS: Created by Gabriela Baron 2020.

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