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Idea Selection Checklist



This tool helps teams select their best ideas.


Once you have gathered inspiration using the lotus canvas and brainstormed possible solutions, group your ideas into themes. Select the ideas that seem more desirable, feasible and viable.

1. Select your best 3 ideas and give them a clear, interesting, short name.

2. Discuss how each of the following attributes may apply to each one of them using the checklist on the back of the template.


- Functional: does the project do what it is intended for? Does it answer to the project’s goals?


- Purposeful: is purpose the main driver for this idea? Does the idea support noble/altruistic goals?

- Scalable/replicable: can this project start small and then grow in a decentralised/distributed way? Can it be easily expanded, copied, adapted or replicated for/in different contexts?


- Context-related: does the project relate closely to the context it was intended for? Does it protect /enhance / regenerate /make good use of local resources/workforce/knowledge/culture?


- Sustainable: is the project environmentally sustainable? Does it make efficient use of resources like energy/materials/transportation? Does it generate unnecessary waste?



- Simple/clear: is the idea easy to explain/understand? Is it based on one (main) key concept?


- Resonant: Is the project familiar/beautiful/fun/unexpected/playful? Does the project invite you to pass it along verbally/digitally? Does it become a good anecdote/story?


- Smart/challenging: Does this project challenge current beliefs or ideas? Does it make you think differently about something? Does it invite you to change something? Does it require the participants to use their skills?


- Resilient: Is your idea versatile/adaptable/evolutionable? Does the project allow customisation? Is it flexible and error-friendly? Can it evolve over time?


- Original/innovative: Is the project the very first of its kind? Is it put together in a new way? Is it novel or unusual in some way? A




This point can only be granted if you believe that everything about the case has come together to transcend the ordinary. Use it when the project positively touches your heart and inspires you to do great things. Use it when the project has had an exceptional impact on the planet.... If you feel that the project has had any other exceptional attribute, you can give this point as well. Make sure you explain why, this is, after all, a magical point!

3. Add 1 point per checked attribute.



4. Use the idea with the most points to move forward.


- Pens

- Canvas template


30 minutes

- Pens
- Canvas template

Idea Selection

CREDITS: Created by Gabriela Baron 2020.

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