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Reconnection Stories



To tell a story about yourself in a visual format (in this case, it's a social-media story). Inspirational example.

This activity follows the Reconnection rituals canvas. Once you have finished it and identified 3 threads of reconnection stories, you can select your best one and turn it into a video.

By creating and sharing a video about connection, you are showing up honest, unique, and vulnerable. You might also take this opportunity to express positionality and talk about the life experiences that shaped the person you are now. 

Social media is one of the most influencing storytelling mediums available nowadays. It is also filled with images of unrealistic ways of being and doing. It would be great if we could counteract this trend by creating a candid, honest and hopeful video that tells a real story about you.

1. Aim for a short, 1-minute long video. Select your best story from the Reconnection Rituals canvas. Write a script that tells this story in approximately 150 words (more or less is fine). 

2. Use the storyboard canvas to think of how you can tell this story. Draw the main 6 scenes of the video, following the script.

3. Gather all footage and images in one folder. We recommend that you use existing footage from your past and your present, this way the videos will appear natural and fresh. You can also record new footage with your phone. 

5. Now, using any video editing software, put together your reconnection story. Add music and voiceover to enhance the viewer's experience.

6. Consider adding text titles and subtitles throughout the main part of the video.

7. Share your video with your team, and anywhere else you like.


- Pens

- Canvas template


3 hours

- Computer
- Smartphone

CREDITS: Created by Gabriela Baron 2020.

Reconnction video
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