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Maramataka dial (Māori Environmental Calendar)



The maramataka is the Māori environmental calendar and it provides deep insight on how to live in line with the natural cycles that rule mankind as well as the natural realm.


Many indigenous cultures around the world have their own version of the maramataka which aligns with the phases of the moon, rather than the common Gregorian calendar. In New Zealand, Māori and Pasifika communities are reviving and reconnecting with the maramataka to restore systems and knowledge of agricultural productivity, marine and forest gathering, resource management, health, healing and daily practices that provide sustenance for well-being (source)


Since the maramataka aligns with nature’s time, not man’s time,  each day has a natural flow, with a name according to that flow. 

1. Distribute 1 template per participant and provide scissors and tape or blue-tack. Every participant should cut the smaller wheel and place it on top, at the center of the larger wheel.


2. To begin each month/phase, you set your calendar or dial to Rakaunui, a day that brings a high amount of energy and is perfect for big events and action. On the west coast of New Zealand, Rakaunui is set on the dial the night before the full moon; on the east coast, Rakaunui is set on the dial the night of the full moon. 


3. Watch this fantastic video where Ayla Hoeta explains the significance of the Maramataka in our everyday lives.

















4. Reflect on how each phase can tell us the best days for planting, fishing and harvesting while also telling us high and low energy days, the effect those days can have on people’s moods and how you should best spend your day. 


5. Consider journaling, gardening, and practicing the maramataka in order to live life to your fullest in connection to the rhythms of the universe. 

6. Read more about every maramataka phase here.


- Pens

- Canvas template

Easy (as a start)

60 minutes

- Scissors and tape
- Canvas template


CREDITS: Maramataka dial based on Mātauranga Māori taught by Ayla Hoeta in collaboration with Rereata Makiha, New Zealand, 2021

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