Inspired Ideation Lotus



This is an ideation and brainstorming tool that will allow teams to find inspiration by looking at how others fulfill requirements.


The lotus format encourages you to break down successful ideas into components and then mix these characteristics around to create a new idea.

Make sure that you print this in a bigger size than the other templates, A1 or A0 suggested.


1. Write the conservation challenge (or a part of it) in the middle of

the poster.


2. Discuss how the 8 D4C strategies provided might apply to your challenge. If you want, feel free to replace these with different strategies.

3. For each strategy look for an inspirational example from a different

field. Write these in sticky notes on top of the colored boxes.



4. Think about what makes this example so good. Write the 8 most important characteristics around each example.

5. After some Aha moments, combine the best properties from the examples into 3 solution ideas for your project. Describe your ideas briefly within the spaces provided


- Pens

- Canvas template


90 minutes

- Pens
- Sticky notes
- Canvas template - A1 or A0

Inspired Ideation Lotus

CREDITS: Created by Gabriela Baron 2020.