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Immersive Field Trip



There are many ways to gather knowledge, a very powerful one is to visit the place that is most affected by the problem. This Canvas aims to capture the experiences from a field trip. Be humble, curious, and respectful when you enter this place "Learn from the forest, not about the forest".

> Informed consent: ask for consent for audio/video recording, photographs and confidentiality (if pertinent).

>Leave the place better than how you found it, pick up trash, help out people working on the place, etc. 



1. Make sure you are showing up honest, genuine and sensitive towards the people in the location you visit. We strongly suggest you read about Design Research Ethics here and here.

2. If this is a natural place, consider going on wandering on your own and focusing on your senses. What do you feel, what do you see, what do you smell, how do you feel. Try to tune into the energy and life force of the place. Take off your shoes, swim, smell the earth, and touch the trees. 


3. Create a moodboard: What does the place look like, what did the experience feel like? Make a visual representation of your immersion experience (you can add photographs, sketches, diagrams, keywords, etc.)


- Pens

- Canvas template


120+ minutes

- Pens, maps, camera, etc.
- Canvas template 

Field Trip2
Field trip

CREDITS: Created by Gabriela Baron 2020.

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