Stakeholder Motivation Matrix



Creating influence groups is key to deploying a successful project.

This is a visualization tool that represents the solution from the point of view of the individual motivations/benefits of each stakeholder of the system.


Ask yourself: Why would they be interested in participating in this project?


1. Write down the name of each stakeholder on the gray boxes on both sides of the double-entry table (write each name twice, once on the horizontal row and once on the vertical column).



2. Write down the main motivations of each stakeholder in the green boxes.



3. Write down the specific partnership benefits at the intersection of each pair of stakeholders.



- this section is still in progress- 

Medium - Hard

60 minutes

- Pens
- Canvas template - A2

Stakeholder motivation

CREDITS: This Canvas is based on the SDO toolkit - LeNS project (2007-2011). Created by Gabriela Baron 2020.