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D4C is an iterative process comprised of 5 core stages.

The best start for the D4C methodology is to follow this order: (re)connect, understand, propose and validate, plan for impact and deploy. You can overlap the stages, change their order, and repeat as necessary: learn, evolve, adapt, just like a natural system.

For each stage we have developed a set of tools, this list will keep growing, so stay tuned.

Remember that the (re)connection step is central to all other activities, you should return to it as necessary. 

Click on any of the tools below to learn more and download the template. 

Conservation Challenge Canvas
Stakeholder Characterisation
Secondary Research Board
Inspired Ideation Lotus
Idea Selection Checklist
Feedback and Iteration Tool
Impact Planning Tool
Unintended Impacts Canvas
System Map
Stakeholder Motivation Matrix
Growth Plan
Reconnection Stories Canvas
Immersion Field Trip canvas
Stories as Insight
Agile Interviews

We are in the process of publishing these tools 

Please be patient, sign up to our newsletter to be notified when they are ready, or write to us for any specific inquiry.

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